Turkey Metals have the determination for creating, developing, performing, continuity of efficiency and constant improvement of the quality.

For the requirements of this subject, Turkey Metals guarantees:

  • Company Management,
  • To communicating about the importance of answering the demands of customers and the requirements of the regulations, with all departments,
  • To create the quality policy which determines the quality approach and vision of the company,
  • To determine quality goals and aim to work according to those goals, to be able to manage the effectiveness and the productivity of the operations.
  • To be able to determine the suitability of quility management,
  • To manage required control and decision making mechanisms, applying planned revisions, and to ensure suitability, sufficiency and efficiency of the quality management system.
  • To provide the resources required for efficient operation.

Quality That You Can Trust!

  • Trieur Sheet Metal
  • Mill Screens
  • Perforated sieves
  • Hammer Mill Screens
  • Feed Mill Sieves
  • Grading Sieves
  • Square Hole Perforated Metal
  • Octagon Cane Perforated Metal
  • Hexagonal Perforated Metal
  • Triangle Hole Perforated Metal
  • Airline Perforated Metal
  • Marietta Perforated Metal
  • Full Leaf Clover Perforated Metal
  • Rectangular Hole Perforated Metal
  • Rectangular Hole Perforated Metal
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal
  • Decorative Perforated Metal

Turkey Metals, sees being customer driven and customer satisfaction as an assurance for the future. Based on that principle, by improving all process, to ensure %100 customer satisfaction, by watching and leading technological advancements,

Quality is being produced by the system covering pre and post manufacture which defines the criteria of customers expectation focused on core and supporting criteria.

All employees are required to handle their duties, with the responsibility of creating a quality, according to customer expectations and system rules, and they are being constantly educated accordingly.

A fund is being created and evaluated to increase our employees awereness to worker’s health and safety and to suit legal legislations.

We consider our suppliers, solution partners and subcontractors as a part of our system to be able to manufacter goods with high quality and to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible.

Overlooking productive role on sectoral base by creating national and international civil society initiatives, and realize these projects with te help of our employees and social partners.