We Listen

Our aim is to be proactive, sustainable and creative by preserving high quality and speed, flexibility, social compliances besides being the key to ‘technical engineering and design’ to meet customers’ expectations.

We Think

Turkey Metals was established in 1993 and has a continuous growth since then. We have a balanced policy of quality and prices versus punctual deliveries as a result of rapid flexible production.

We Create

Our vision is to become a preferable supplier for the world brands by combining production & design together with the speed, flexibility and high quality.

We Deliver

The key of our strategy is being proactive by using power of experience and innovation.

We Are Passionate

Our ultimate purpose is to be a more preferable supplier with our expanding expertise & knowledge, high production quality, competitive prices and on-time deliveries.

We Are Creative

Turkey Metals, with its monthly capacity, runs technology with principals of quality and efficiency.

We Are Friendly

We consider our suppliers, solution partners and subcontractors as a part of our system to be able to manufacter goods with high quality and to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible.

We Are Responsible

All employees are required to handle their duties, with the responsibility of creating a quality, according to customer expectations and system rules, and they are being constantly educated accordingly.

Turkish Steel: Quality Product, Quality Service, Continuous Improvement

We create interactive, modern, eye-catching metals. In the period since the establishment date increasing our product variety, due to number of customer and country and also we have modernized our facility. Customer requests with suitable technical data, producing quality solutions and high quality products, always devoted ourselves to change for the better due to movement of our mission. Our innovative approach and always maintained our position at the peak rising targets.

"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon